What is „YinYang-Massage“

YinYang-Massage is a highly efficent combination of techniques from eastern and western Massage-Traditions such as Thai-Yoga-Massage, Shiatsu, Deep Tissue Massage, Polarity & the Byzantine Hamam-Massage-Tradition. The result is a real powerhouse of bodywork that will induce deep relaxation, revitalise your body and mind and awaken idle energy-sources deep within.
If you look for a special kind of massage in Berlin, look no further: you found it.

Some of the effects of a YinYang-Massage are:

  • better blood flow in muscles and skin
  • eliminating adhesions (knots)
  • restoring freedom of motion, reviving the joins
  • superior posture and pain relieve
  • deep relaxation in body and mind (after the massage)
  • creating a healthy dynamic balance
  • strenghtening the immune system
  • clearing the mind and cleansing the body

YinYang-Massages are like extended, exciting voyages around the globe and you’ll arrive at where you feel best and most comfortable: your self. If you even have the smallest bit of an adventurer in you: reward yourself with this execeptional gift. Your body will not be alone praising your decison.

Duration: 70 – 90 Minutes. Price: 150,- EUR

Reservation via email: kontakt (at) yin-yang-massage.de




Tripitaka-Massage (four-handed YY-Massage)

The Tripitaka-Massage shares the basic structure and principles of the YinYang-Massage – except the important fact, that there are two people who engage in awaken and dance with your Yin & Yang Energies. Two bodies, four Hands and four feet will give you a treatment you’ll never forget – it’s an intense experience only comparable to a whole weekend of yogic or tantric execercises.

No bird soars too high if he soars with his own wings.

- William Blake
Tripitaka means „The wisdom of three bodies“ – and that is exactly what it is. For some deeper experiences it just takes more than one massage-therapist. Being touched, massaged, rolled, thrown, stretched and held by two people just makes you let go faster and deeper… you will experience something you have never experienced before.
On this planet, Tripitaka-Massage is practiced by only a handful of people, so give your self a special treat and get yourself an appointment for your first Tripitaka.

Duration: 90-100 Minutes. Price: 290,- EUR

Reservation via email: kontakt (at) yin-yang-massage.de